Røgmaskine (400 W, Sort)

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Varenr.: 16-1100PLS

  • 400 W Fog machine
  • Heating time of only 8 min.
  • Output: 14 m3 smoke per minute
  • 0,25 L liquid tank
  • Incl. remote control with cable
  • Remember to buy smoke liquid



Small Fog machine

The SM400 is a small inexpensive Fog machine, but despite its modest size, it has a large output of smoke and gives a good effect.

As can be seen from the price, it is also an inexpensive Fog machine that meets the needs of the beginner or those who only have a small room.


Despite the compact design, this Fog machine has an output not to be trifled with.


After just 8 minutes of heating, this Fog machine is ready to throw out a powerful smoke, that will put the finishing touch on your light show.


Included with the machine is a remote control that both tells you when the machine is ready for use and allows you to turn the machine on and off.


On the back of this Fog machine is a clear indicator that tells you how much smoke fluid is left in the 0.25 liter tank.


Use the machine on the floor, on the table or hanging in the supplied mounting bracket.

Remember to purchase smoke fluid


EAN: 5420047133519
  • Power consumption: 400W. 
  • Heating time: 8 minutes. 
  • Tank capacity: 0.25 litres. 
  • Remote control on cable. 
  • Weight: 2,2 kg. 
  • Dimensions: 290 x 150 x 140mm