Multikabel med Stage Box 24/8

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  • 30 meter

    Varenr.: ADA-K32C30

    2.649,- ,-


    Bestillingsvare: Leveringstid 5-8 arbejdsdage

  • 50 meter

    Varenr.: ADA-K32C50

    3.649,- ,-


    Bestillingsvare: Leveringstid 5-8 arbejdsdage

100% dansk netbutik
Multikabel med 24 stk. XLR Han kabel SEND stik og 8 stk. XLR hun kabel RETURN stik, samt stage box med 24 stk. XLR Hun chassis stik og 8 stk. XLR Han chassis stik.

Stage boxen er udviklet i metal og kan monteres for fast installation, samt håndtag for nemmere handling



  • 32-channel multicore with permanently attached 30-metre cable terminating in Adam Hall XLR plugs.
  • The all-metal stage box has a solid strain relief in the transitional area between box and cable.
  • The protruding sides optimally protect the sockets on the stage box against damage.
  • With a built-in handle for ease of handling and prepared mounting possibilities for permanent installation.
  • The additionally reinforced transition to the terminations prevents fatigue and cable breakage.
  • For 24 send and eight return paths. Fifty-metre cable length available on request.


EAN: 4049521032509