Musiker Pakke XL

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9.999,- (Inkl. moms)
Produkter i pakken:
  • 1 x Yamaha EMX7
  • 4 x Komplet Mikrofon Sæt
  • 2 x Højttaler Kabel 2 x 2.5 mm² Speakon til Speakon - 15 meter
  • 2 x Ibiza XTK 600W 15" PA højttaler
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Varenr.: MPXL


  • Professional equipment
  • Perfect for the band, DJ or musician.
  • Quality products
  • Includes microphones, mixer, cables and speakers
  • Ready to go set up


Complete sound system for the start-up musician or DJ. 


Complete PA System with mixer, speakers, microphones, cables and stands.


You get a complete PA system with everything you need to play music, perform or deliver a speech to large audiences.

The system is very easy to use, takes up little space and can be easily transported in a car.

The mixer has an extensive mixer section with fire inputs that can be used for either a microphone or an instrument. 
This sound system also allows you to connect DJ systems or other DJ equipment that uses a stereo signal.


The two speakers are made of hard plastic and each contains a 15" woofer and a 1.5" tweeter, which are capable of spreading sound to the farthest corners of a room.

The system is easy to use and it is easy to assemble.


All necessary cables are included:
Microphone cable
Speaker cable for connecting speaker and power mixer


EAN: 571301000342