UV Pandelampe med 12x6 Watt LED

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Varenr.: PROXL-UVHL-12x6W

  • UV LED amber light 12 x 6 watt
  • Powerful CREE diodes, wavelength 395 nanometres
  • 6 rechargeable batteries (2600 mAh) included
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IPX6)
  • Small soft bag for batteries included


UV Headlamp with rechargeable battery and charger.


  • The most powerful uv amber light we've seen yet. 
  • The 12 extra powerful 6 watt CREE LED diodes give a huge output of uv light. If you want to be the one to find the most amber on your trip, this amber light will give you the very best conditions.
  • UV light can be used for many purposes, such as finding cracks, testing banknotes, finding impurities, etc.
  • UV light is also familiar from the disco, where it is called blacklight - it is what makes white clothes shine brightly.
  • If you want to experiment with using UV creatively, you can also take a look at our range of UV paints.
  • The battery pack is carried in a separate box - for example, in your belt or bag, so the lamp itself isn't too heavy.
  • The battery box also has USB output, so your phone can be charged - even when the lamp is not in use or plugged in.
  • When the amber lamp is used with the included headband so it is worn as a headlamp, you also have both hands free. 
  • Life expectancy of LED diodes: 50,000 hours.
  • Battery charger case: can charge either 2 - 4 or 6 batteries at a time.


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