Reno RU300 Grand Koncert Ukulele (Rød)

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Varenr.: RU-RU300-RED

  • Top of sapele tree
  • Bottom and sides of agathis tree
  • Open gear tuning screws
  • Gigbag included
  • Red
  • Available in 4 colours: Cherry sunburst , black, pink and red


The Concert ukulele is larger, has more frets, allowing it to reach the higher notes on the fingerboard, and also has a fuller sound than the standard soprano ukulele.
The Concert ukulele is typically tuned in a standard tuning: G, C, E and A, but you can tune it slightly lower, like on a baritone ukulele: D, G, B and E.
The larger ukuleles are becoming increasingly popular.
Compared to the smaller soprano model, the RU300 concert ukulele has a scale length of 385 mm and has a total of 18 frets, as well as a larger body, giving you a fuller sound and more space for your fingers on the fingerboard.

This ukulele is also available in Cherry sunburst, pink and black.


EAN: 7340071990286
Type Ukulele