LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 Aktiv Højttaler System

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Varenr.: LDS-LDDAVE12G3

  • Kompakt lydanlæg bestående af subwoofer og 2 tophøjtalere.
  • Aktiv 12" subwoofer med indbygget 540 Watt RMS forstærker.
  • 2 passive fuldtone højttalere udstyret med 6,5" mellemtone og 1" diskant.
  • Perfekt til bands og mobile diskoteker.


LD Systems DAVE 12 G3


The new LD Systems DAVE 12 G3 is the perfect active PA system for high-powered live gigs, multimedia presentations, and permanent installations in bars and clubs. A 12" bass reflex subwoofer and the satellites with 6.5" drivers and HF horns ensure a good sound with driving, defined bass, natural mids, and clear treble. The 2.1 power amp stage is built into the subwoofer and provides the system components with 1x300W + 2x120W of continuous power.

The soul of the DAVE 12 G3 is the LD LECC DSP digital signal processor, which controls all important system functions. It includes specially amplitude and low-latency optimised crossovers, separate equalisers and limiters for the bass, mid, and treble frequency ranges, and a dynamic compressor that controls the subwoofer according to volume and provides for increased punch at low volumes.

The professional full range of features of the DAVE 12 G3 includes rugged multiplex cabinets, all important protection circuits, RCA, XLR/jack combo and Speakon-compatible connectors, and ergonomically shaped, recessed handles. The LD "Evolutive" handles of the subwoofer are an important innovation with a metal ring handle that permits a secure and convenient grip from all sides. For accurate vertical orientation of the satellites, the speaker supports are vertically adjustable by ± 13,5° max. in seven increments.

Protection covers for the system components and a castor board with a lashing strap for easy transport are available as accessories. Matching speaker stands, spacer tubes, and mounting forks are also available separately.


EAN: 4049521135811
Product number: LDDAVE12G3
Product type: PA system
Type: active
Colour: black
Max. SPL (continuous): 119dB
Max. SPL (peak): 130dB
Frequency response: 40 - 19000Hz
Dispersion (H x V): 90 x 40
Weight: 48,5kg
Low/mid driver dimensions: 12"
Low/mid driver dimensions (mm): 304,8mm
Woofer magnet: Ferrite
Woofer brand: Custom-made
Woofer voice coil: 2,5"
Woofer voice coil (mm): 63,5mm
Cabinet construction: vented
Cabinet material: 15 mm Plywood
Cabinet / Housing surface: texture paint
Subwoofer width: 435mm
Subwoofer height: 500mm
Depth Subwoofer: 540mm
Subwoofer features: threaded flange M20, LD Systems "Evolutive" handles
Mid/Hi System  
Midrange size: 6,5"
Midrange size: 165,1mm
Midrange magnet: Ferrite
Midrange brand: Custom-made
Midrange voice coil: 1,75"
Midrange voice coil: 44,5mm
Horn: CD horn
Tweeter dimensions: 1"
Tweeter dimensions (mm): 25,4mm
Tweeter magnet: Ferrite
Tweeter brand: Custom-made
Tweeter voice coil: 1"
Tweeter voice coil (mm): 25,4mm
Mid/Hi system impedance: 4Ohm(s)
Loudspeaker inputs: 1
Speaker input connections: Speakon compatible
: Closed
Mid/Hi system cabinet material: 15 mm Plywood
Mid/Hi system cabinet surface: texture paint
Mid/Hi system width: 250mm
Mid/Hi system height: 400mm
Mid/Hi system depth: 250mm
Mid/Hi system features: ergonomically shaped insert handles, SM707 stand mount 36 mm
Amplifier Module (integrated in Subwoofer)  
Amplifier: Class A/B
Amplifier Output System (RMS): 540W
Amplifier Output System (Peak): 1080W
Amplifier Output Subwoofer (RMS): 300W
Amplifier Output Subwoofer (Peak): 600W
Amplifier Output Mid/Hi (RMS): 2 x 120W
Amplifier Output Mid/Hi (Peak): 2 x 240W
Protection circuits: limiter, overload, short circuit
Cooling: volume-controlled fan
Controls: Power, Subwoofer Phase Reverse, volume, sub level
Display: protect (protection circuit engaged), signal, on/off, limit
Operating voltage: transformer, 220 V AC - 240 V AC
Line inputs: 2
Line input connectors: 6.3 mm Jack, RCA, XLR
Line output connectors: XLR
Loudspeaker outputs: 2
Speaker output connections: Speakon compatible