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100% dansk netbutik

Varenr.: 15-1098b

  • Simple to use 
  • Produces lots of bubbles 
  • Remember to purchase liquid
  • Consumption approx. 30 ml per minute


The soap bubble machine is designed to deliver a solid amount of bubbles in a short time and a continuous flow.


This machine can blow the bubbles approximately 2 - 3 meters out.

The soap bubble liquid is poured into the front and into the built-in tank.

Simple to use, power it up, turn on the switch on the back and the machine starts shooting out bubbles.


Choose from several colours: Red, White and Blue


Power consumption of 25 watts. 
Dimensions: 235 x 200 x 215 mm 

Weight: 1.9 kg. 


EAN: 5420047123619